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How to config Application on Firebase console

  1. 1.
    Go to and create your application
  2. 2.
    Choose add app with iOS and android platform. Fill info
  3. 3.
    After done, you need down 2 file:
  • iOS: GoogleService-Info.plist
  • android: google-services.json
4. In android, you need move it to android/app/
5. In iOS, follow step by step:
  • You need open xcode and move it to project
  • Open file GoogleService-Info.plist and copy CLIENT_ID code and REVERSED_CLIENT_ID code.
  • Open index.js from src/config/index.js.
  • In Configs, replace iosClientId with CLIENT_ID.
  • In ios/nameapp/info.plist, replace com.googleusercontent.apps.793140404870-qura0p54rgptruvbs109bq5itf4qkmf6 with REVERSED_CLIENT_ID
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