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How to config Application on Firebase console

  1. Go to https://console.firebase.google.com/ and create your application

  2. Choose add app with iOS and android platform. Fill info

  3. After done, you need down 2 file:

  • iOS: GoogleService-Info.plist

  • android: google-services.json

4. In android, you need move it to android/app/

5. In iOS, follow step by step:

  • You need open xcode and move it to project

  • Open file GoogleService-Info.plist and copy CLIENT_ID code and REVERSED_CLIENT_ID code.

  • Open index.js from src/config/index.js.

  • In Configs, replace iosClientId with CLIENT_ID.

  • In ios/nameapp/info.plist, replace com.googleusercontent.apps.793140404870-qura0p54rgptruvbs109bq5itf4qkmf6 with REVERSED_CLIENT_ID

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